Bea’s Story

Growing up, Bea has always faced uncertainties in her life as she moved from one country to the other. Get to know how she managed to live life amidst the unknown.

Bea’s Story from Jacinto & Lirio on Vimeo.

Bea Pantoja is a beauty blogger and an online editor of Meg Magazine. Get to know more about her work here:

Jayme’s Story

Jayme Del Rosario is not your ordinary girl. She is a traveler, blogger, entrepreneur, photographer, producer and a whole lot of things. In this video, she shares to us why she does the things she does.

Get to know more about Jayme Del Rosario here:

Isa’s Story

Isa Garcia shares the moment that made her realize the importance of living a beautiful life.

Isa is the co-founder and managing director of The Better Story Project. It is a mentorship program for teenage girls.

Know more about Isa and The Better Story Project here:

Mark’s Story

Mark Ruiz shares his thoughts on innovation and why he bravely left his promising career at a multinational company.

Mark Ruiz is the co-founder and managing director of Hapinoy, a social business enterprise that focuses on developing micro-enterprises.

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