Why being part of our Jacinto & Lirio team is different! We’re hiring!

Jacinto & Lirio is hiring for a social business manager!


Our enterprise, EcoIngenuity Inc is now on its 3rd year!

So many things have happened already, and our young team has learned so much in building a business that strives to embody the values of social entrepreneurship. We have been involving volunteers and interns in our work, and they have helped us build our enterprise to where it is now, and for that we are grateful!

In the end, there is still so much more work to be done. But here are 5 reasons why joining our team at this point in time is more exciting and different from before:

1. We’re gearing for bigger growth!

Admittedly, we are still not as big as people think we are. But our goals are still definitely bigger than ever! We have nationwide partnerships with stores outside Metro Manila, (Cebu, Davao, South Luzon, Cagayan de Oro, Iloilo, Bacolod, and soon Boracay). We exported our first shipment to the Middle East early this year and are actively looking forward to partnerships with distributors in US, Australia, UK and Japan.

You will be surprised what a lean team of young entrepreneurs can do to make that happen.

If we can get more passionate and stellar team mates on board to push more excellence in our marketing work, we can even reach more shores, and achieve more sales to channel back to the our community partners.

2. Unique entrepreneurial experience

Just hear from our previous interns on how their experience was with us:  https://jacintoandlirio.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/social-entrepreneurship-advocate/


Although we don’t promise a walk in the park (it rarely is!), but we strive to open the eyes of those we work with to the awesome journey of entrepreneurship, as we ourselves learn how to build a business that strives to achieve positive social impact.

3. More mentors involved

We have amazing partnerships brewing with mentors from CBS (Consulting Business Services for Social Enterprises of the Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation), our alma mater Ateneo de Manila University, and partner organizations who have been with us right from the beginning (Philippine Business for Social Progress, Ayala Foundation, etc.)

4. Collaborative Projects

Take part in our upcoming collaborative projects with fellow social enterprises:

Human Heart Nature,

The Dream Project,


and (something very exciting for us!)


5. #LiveYOURStory Campaign

One of the key pillars of our efforts this year is our #LiveYourStory Campaign. It is an advocacy that aims to empower our customers to live the story that they always wanted to live. To create their own story, connect with the stories of others, and empower more people through their stories shared. It roots back to our own experience in Jacinto & Lirio — how we stumbled on this amazing story of the water hyacinth plant (a nusiance that was turned into a material of elegance), that was transformed by community artisans into beautiful products that in turn empower both those who buy it, and those who created it.

We know a lot of people need to live their own stories as well. Being part of our team, will allow you to be part of this movement in getting people to #LiveYourStory! Of course, we are set on embodying this as well, so you will get to LIVE YOUR OWN STORY as you grow with our team.

And if these are not enough, check out this article on what to expect when working with a startup! http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidtao/2013/05/23/innovation-is-required-9-lessons-learned-working-at-a-startup/

Do these interest you enough? If you feel a burning desire to join our team, then send us your CV at contact@jacintoadlirio.com!

We look forward to exploring possibilities with you!

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