Char’s Story

Charlene Tan shares what she saw in the world that pushed her to become a social entrepreneur.

Char is the founder of Good Food Co. She helps the farmers build a sustainable livelihood through fresh, healthy and yummy harvest. She developed Community Shared Agriculture, a system that helps build relationships between the farmers and shareholders that mutually empowers them.

Learn more about Good Food Co. here:


Krz of on Making Ideas Happen

Krz Lopez is a girl with big dreams in her heart! She is part of the team behind the game-changing crowdfunding site —

Here she is with the Kwaderno Pacem Journal which was shot in her trip to attend a Startup event in Singapore.


Krz shares why she is passionate about the work she does for TheSparkProject:

What I’m most passionate about TheSparkProject is the amazement I always feel knowing that there are a lot of good ideas out there which are implementable, and which, if you give them full support, can even go beyond their limits. What amazes me more is  that there are a lot more generous people who are open to these ideas and would really share their resources to make those spark projects happen.


What’s your advice for Filipinos who want to make their ideas but feel a lot of restrictions surrounding them to make it happen?

While it’s true that there [are] many uncertainties out there to make your ideas happen, one certainty you can hold on to is that there are quite a lot of people who can and will support you along the way. So, pitch your idea to as many people as you can and jump!

Check out and see how you can make YOUR idea happen!

Community partner in Rizal by Anne Mariposa

Our product design head, Anne Mariposa shares her experience with the Rizal communities!

The Mariposa Girls

Today was a tiring but purposeful day for me. My entire day was spent visiting Ecoingenuity Inc.’s community partners in Rizal.

My first stop was in Cainta, Rizal. Inside my car, I immediately noticed the water hyacinth filled lake behind their houses.It’s been quite a while since I last saw fresh water hyacinths.


Our Cainta Community recently moved out from the government’s leadership and is now an independent organization ran by their local NGO.  It seemed like a good thing  from an outsider’s point of view, but it actually is a scary beginning for our nanays since this is their first time to apply the piece rate scheme unlike their previous day rate salary scheme.


Nanay Eds inlaying the box with water hyacinth stalks

—Inspired by the shoe box we had them make for our upcoming collaboration with Risqué Designs by Tal de Guzman

Below are their latest designs which…

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The New Jacinto & Lirio Logo

Many of you might have noticed that there’s something different about Jacinto & Lirio.

First of all, the logo LOOKS different!

original Jacinto & Lirio logo

We have been collaborating with Manila-based design firm Design for Tomorrow for the past year to create a new look for our brand that is GLOBAL,SOPHISTICATED but YOUNG, and TRUE to our mission and values as a young fashion/lifestyle brand.

Hence, the new LOOK:

new logo 2013

This new logo is part of our mission to truly create a GLOBAL FILIPINO BRANDone core mission we have in our social enterprise.

There is so much power in branding. More than just a new logo change, branding is about communicating (1) WHO YOU ARE, (2) YOUR VALUES,  (3) PERSONALITY and (4) WHAT YOU WANT TO BE KNOWN FOR

Branding is about telling stories.

Allow us to share the STORY BEHIND OUR NEW LOGO.

It is actually ALL IN OUR NEW ICON:


Jacinto & Lirio is all about creating STYLISH, SUSTAINABLE and EMPOWERING products that uses our Philippine indigenous materials, like the water hyacinth.

The “J” and the “L” were designed with plant stalks in mind forming the letters — a representation of the kind of material we use in all our products.


Notice that there are 3 stalks in each letter. These 3 stalks represent the 3 core brand pillars of Jacinto & Lirio as mentioned above —1. STYLISH, 2. SUSTAINABLE 3. EMPOWERING


Jacinto & Lirio is a line of stylish products

sustainably made from plant leather and has a mission to empower the development

of community livelihoods using indigenous materials.

Second aspect are the 2 C-like curves surrounding this icon.

We want to communicate that we love products that are CHIC

BUT, we believe they must be produced with CONSCIENCE

These 2 C’s form a holistic representation of our values.


Putting it all together, our design partners created a chic but youthful font face for the overall look.

Therefore, creating our NEW JACINTO & LIRIO logo


In our journey as entrepreneurs, we grew fascinated with design and branding.

We believe it’s not just about a new logo, but it’s about our ENTIRE behavior and culture in how we run our business.

As a social enterprise, we are trying to join the movement in creating a different design for business — one that is holistic and enriching, and does not compromise excellence. Hence, these are principles we strive to live out.

At the end of the day, BRANDING is all about PEOPLE. It’s all about how we want to define ourselves as a global stylish Filipino, conscious about the environment, and authentically living to empower a better world.


Thanks again to our friends at Design for Tomorrow! To know more about this amazing Filipino branding firm, visit