Impact Night: A whole new level of sharing

By Melissa G. Bagamasbad

The Jacinto & Lirio Impact night last May 16 was an evening that was really about sharing.

Of stories, ourselves (physically, our listening and understanding abilities, as well as our ideas), what we had to say on the freedom wall upon entering, and so much more.  Jacinto & Lirio aimed to raise awareness on its brand, and raise funds for the social impact efforts that would develop its livelihood communities. Thus, the Impact Night held last May 16 at UP Ayala Technohub.


Being out of the loop for some time, I knew briefly about Jacinto & Lirio’s involvement with GirlTank, and how the brand had obtained more international exposure, with efforts to join a new community, promote the enterprise, and gain funds.

Impact Night gave us a chance to be informed and updated on the enterprise’s projects.  Additionally, we got to know others, and shared ideas on what can be done to improve the brand in its various aspects.


The program began with the Department of Trade and Industry giving a talk to connect us to the brand’s happenings in the provinces.  Interactive brainstorming by SPIN then proved to shake us, we knew that this wasn’t just any ordinary talk.

Richard “D-cal” Dacalos of SPIN Manila giving the interactive brainstorming session
the Jacinto & Lirio founders Anne (leftmost) and Noreen (rightmost) with DTI Rizal Provincial Director Ms. Mercy Parreno (middle)

We were divided into three groups, with each group having its own challenge that we had to find solutions to.  We were social entrepreneurs ourselves.

My group’s challenge was how to use other natural resources in the creation of other SE products.  During the discussion we talked about alternative natural products: from foldable shoes, to creating products that were animal-friendly, since there was also a rising consciousness in animal rights.  We also thought of tapping the support of one of the most famous politicians who supported businesses.  Her being a woman might help gain support for the female products.

During the latter part, we watched a video of GirlTank about Jacinto & Lirio.  Admittedly being feminine, this hooked me, and made me relate to the brand more.  From the group of young, dynamic women all over the world making an impact, to how enthusiastic the foreign owners were about Jacinto & Lirio catering to women with its products, and helping the government and the country, and how ingenious its concept was, it made me proud that the brand was not only growing bigger globally, but also being proactive in gaining more resources.

Different kinds of people attended the talk, from entrepreneurs, to designers, to students.  Impact Night allowed us not just to be informed audiences, but also to be our own social entrepreneurs who were given the chance to think up ideas, speak up, and have the chance to contribute these ideas, that could be seriously considered in building  the enterprise.  After the event, and looking at the displays of beautiful water hyacinth products in the area, the people bustling around making connections, old and new, we hope we were able to do our best in sharing.


The author, Mel Bagamasbad is a journalist. She has been a long time advocate and writer for social enterprises.

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Social Entrepreneurship Advocate

by Lia Malferrari (former Jacinto & Lirio intern)photo2

As kids we’re taught to seek and live out the things that make us happy. I was no different. From the start I’ve always had a plan to get me there, a goal which I thought would lead me to happiness – to be a manager at a big company by the age of 25.

I’m turning 25 early next year, and I am nowhere near being that, yet, in a totally amazing way, I know that by my birthday, I will be able to say that I am happier than where I would have been if I had stuck to that goal.

Two years ago I found myself working at a normal corporate job, one that many of us would consider to be a great one, with above average pay and exceptional benefits. It was a job that could provide me a secure lifetime if I wanted, but I realized that although the job was great on paper, it was not what I was meant to be doing.

I eventually resigned, without any back-up job, and took a year off to work on myself and figure out what it is I wanted. I had been spending my whole life doing things for what I thought other people wanted for me and I needed the chance to just take a step back, be myself, and figure out my life.

Midway into my life-hiatus, I took an internship at Jacinto and Lirio. You know how they say sometimes it’s the most unexpected things sometimes that end up changing your life? Well, that was what this internship was for me.

People who know me usually say that I was one of the few who seemed to have it all figured out – had a life plan and everything, but the truth was, I had just been good at doing what I thought was right and expected of me. I had never stopped and just thought about what I expected of myself and what it is I truly wanted to be doing. That is until I was introduced to the world of business for social change by Jacinto and Lirio.

Social entrepreneurship was not a common life track to take for people my age. No one in my circle of friends had ever told me that they wanted to be a social entrepreneur. Through the internship with Jacinto and Lirio however, I realized that this is what I was meant to be involved in. The world, and our own country first and foremost, needs building, and as one of the lucky people blessed with the things I have, I felt a calling to make it my responsibility to do something about it and be the change I want to see in the world.

I also realized that to be a social entrepreneur is not just creating a business that does good for someone else, it is so much more than that. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication – so much more than the typical blood, sweat and tears. My internship has shown me both that this is what it is I want in life, at the same time, that maybe at this point, I’m not yet ready to make that step. Which is why for now,  I will be a social entrepreneurship advocate – spreading the good news about these great people doing so much for so many others (with a special mention of the two girls behind J&L, Noreen and Anne who inspire me a great deal), and supporting their businesses as much as I can.

It doesn’t take much to help build a better world as long as we all pitch in, and being able to realize the part I can play and developing that passion for it is the reason why I can say I’m happy where I am now and excited for what’s to come. I’ve realized, thanks to my time off and greatly to my internship at J&L what my real life plan was meant to be. I won’t go into all the details (especially since this entry is getting quite long. J). Suffice it to say that it’s turning about to be something I never expected, yet feels everyday like it’s where I’m meant to be.

Photo by: Tajen Sui