Eco-friendly Out of the House Essential Kit for the New Normal

Whether we like it or not, these ecq and lockdown precautions is still needed to be retained even post lockdown.

We salute all husbands for doing grocery shopping for the family.

As we embrace the new normal, here are smart tips to prepare and bring when you do need to leave the house to run critical errands like grocery run.

Grocery Quarantine Essentials



1. Compact, Hands-free Essentials Kit

Grocery 2 copy

Lakbay Quarantine Kit

Jacinto & Lirio Lakbay Travel Essentials Kit

Use J&L’s travel essentials kit to store essentials that are unworn like alcohol, tissue, pen , masks, money, phone, pocket notebook and other must brings.

It stores your basic out of the house essentials and keeps them easily accessible, while still being slim enough to tuck in your garment for less exposure from viruses.

2. Lanyard


Jacinto & Lirio Obra Lanyard

Attach our Obra vegan leather lanyard to convert your Lakbay travel essentials kit to a one carrying pouch to keep your hands free and carry all your stuff easily by hanging this from the neck. This way your hands can be used to carry your grocery purchases.

Jacinto & Lirio Obra Lanyard (Design Collaboration with Obrano Heritage Goods)

Aside from attaching to the Jacinto & Lirio Lakbay Travel Essentials Kit, it’s perfect for your ID badges, cards, card holder, keys and small gadgets.  It securely holds your personal items while being stylish and durable too. Important items are just within your reach!

Kaibigan the new normal

Jacinto & Lirio Obra Lanyard attached to Kaibigan ID -Badge Holder –  Wallet

This is a favorite among employees and students because when they’re going out for lunch, they don’t need to bring their bag and wallet anymore with this card holder. They just insert their ATM and credit card in their Jacinto & Lirio Kaibigan ID Card Wallet which includes a slip-on garter to secure paper bills and zippered exterior pocket for coins.

For this Covid pandemic, you may use garter securely holds your grocery checklist as well. Then when the lockdown is over and normal public transportation is operational, you can just insert your beep card here.


Kaibigan ID -Badge Holder –  Wallet

3. Notebook

Does the scenario below sound familiar? 🙂


Well you’re not alone…

Grocery Guide

You can rescue your clueless husband when grocery shopping by including this Jacinto & Lirio pocket notebook for their errand checklist with illustrations of differentiating cuts of meat and various types of fish and vegetables. This way, he doesn’t have to coordinate with you as much via viber or buy the wrong items.

This will also lessen his time outside thus decreasing exposure to any virus.

4. Pen

Tree Hugger World Eco-pen

Don’t use public pens. You never know if the last person who used that pen is infected. Best to bring your own pen.

5. Waterproof jacket with hoodie

PermanentFly Men Waterproof Fishing Coat Jackets Hydrophobic ...

Permanent Fly Waterproof Jacket with Hoodie

The infection can linger anywhere from your head to toe. So it’s best to limit skin and even your hair exposure.

6. Gloves

someone wearing gloves pushing grocery cart

Photo from Ohio State University

“Thoroughly washing your hands for at least 20 seconds remains the best defense against COVID-19. But when you go to the grocery or other public places, you may not have access to soap and water, hand sanitizer or wipes to clean grocery carts. That’s why some people are wearing gloves.  But do note that the virus can still adhere well to latex and other types of gloves, if you touch your face at any point, you’ve still potentially exposed yourself to the virus. Proper glove use is key”  – Ohio State University
Gloves may be bought from Shopee, Lazada, Watsons or Mercury.

7. Eye protection

Husband goes grocery

The virus is also airborne. This means your eyes need protection as well.

Not to mention the fact that it’s not as easy as it sounds to apply this rule “Don’t touch your face.”  This is a lot harder than it sounds and requires conscious effort. The average person touches their face 23 times an hour, and about half of the time, they’re touching their mouth, eyes, or nose — the mucosal surfaces that COVID-19 infects.

blaker lifestyle men smoked lens full bamboo sunglass

Wodd Bamboo Eyewear

Given this, it’s best to wear an eye protective wear to limit the temptation of touching your itchy eyes.

8. Mask

Style Ana Reusable Face Masks

This is something we are all fully aware off and we probably all have since this is a basic requirement to protect ourselves. But the question is, which type of mask should we wear?

Check out this article by the New York Times.

Henry’s daughter Printed Face Masks

Face Mask | Things That Matter

Rags2Riches x Wanderskye Face Mask

This Local Brand Has Zero-Waste Face Masks Made of Fabric Scraps

Anthill Face Mask

Check out more facemask options from Spot.PH

9. Tissue

Sanicare Mini Wipes (2-pcs or 6-pcs) | Shopee Philippines

Sanicare pocket tissue and wiples

Incase you need to touch our face, press the elevator buttons or other public place items—using a tissue is your best option. This is a basic must bring even before the pandemic.

10. Phone

Grocery 4 copy

Bring as little items as possible. This includes being bag free. Attaching your phone to a lanyard is the key to this convenience.


11. Alcohol or Sanitizer

All Natural Sanitizer

Human Heart Nature Natural Sanitizers

Did You Know? Human Nature Natural Sanitizers contain 60% alcohol (sugarcane-derived ethyl) thus meeting the recommended standard for alcohol content in sanitizers by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Learn more at

It’s not just our hands that we need to sanitize nowadays, but everything we bring out.

Why being part of our Jacinto & Lirio team is different! We’re hiring!

Jacinto & Lirio is hiring for a social business manager!


Our enterprise, EcoIngenuity Inc is now on its 3rd year!

So many things have happened already, and our young team has learned so much in building a business that strives to embody the values of social entrepreneurship. We have been involving volunteers and interns in our work, and they have helped us build our enterprise to where it is now, and for that we are grateful!

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You will be surprised what a lean team of young entrepreneurs can do to make that happen.

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Just hear from our previous interns on how their experience was with us:

Although we don’t promise a walk in the park (it rarely is!), but we strive to open the eyes of those we work with to the awesome journey of entrepreneurship, as we ourselves learn how to build a business that strives to achieve positive social impact.

3. More mentors involved

We have amazing partnerships brewing with mentors from CBS (Consulting Business Services for Social Enterprises of the Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation), our alma mater Ateneo de Manila University, and partner organizations who have been with us right from the beginning (Philippine Business for Social Progress, Ayala Foundation, etc.)

4. Collaborative Projects

Take part in our upcoming collaborative projects with fellow social enterprises:

Human Heart Nature,

The Dream Project,


and (something very exciting for us!)

5. #LiveYOURStory Campaign

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We know a lot of people need to live their own stories as well. Being part of our team, will allow you to be part of this movement in getting people to #LiveYourStory! Of course, we are set on embodying this as well, so you will get to LIVE YOUR OWN STORY as you grow with our team.

And if these are not enough, check out this article on what to expect when working with a startup!

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We look forward to exploring possibilities with you!