Live YOUR Story

We have been witnesses of an amazing story — how women in the Philippines transformed something that was a nuisance and turned it into elegance – from plant weeds to eco-fashion materials!

At the same time, we have seen how their ingenuity significantly made a positive impact on their lives and uplifted families out of poverty.

Hence, we exist to share this story.

It is this story that has inspired us to create products out of their materials in order to keep sharing the empowering mission.

For every purchase of Jacinto & Lirio, we also contribute to the community development of our partners So they can keep transforming their families, and their communities for the better.

In the process, we hope to empower YOU as well.

Read these stories of impact and positive change.

Invest and support this mission

But most of all –go create and LIVE YOUR STORY.

Like our community partners, see your opportunities, and create them.

Bring out the extraordinary in everyday.


JACINTO & LIRIO  (meaning Hyacinth and Lily) is a brand by EcoIngenuity Inc., that showcases the Filipino innovation of plant leather, like the water hyacinth, into fashionable and functional statement bags and accessories through sustainable means. Our social enterprise aims to raise the competitiveness of indigenous materials and the communities that produce them using global design brands.

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