Eco-friendly Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Back when we were not yet in ECQ-mode, Mother’s Day used to be the most celebrated occasions as per number of booked restaurants worldwide.

Whether just at home, or apart, well thought off gifts will express your love for her that will fill up her love bank.


For the techie – mom:


For the discount cards collector – mom:


For the writer or planner – mom:


For the hands-on mom:

7N8A9636 copy


For the mom who loves red:

IDEA: personalize each item with names of the different family members!

Crazy Rich Asians

For the sentimental mom:

What I Love About You Fill In The Love Journal

Hey, you might think it’s cheesy, but over-communicating your love for her is always better than, well, not. Take the time to fill in fun prompts about all the reasons you love her.



For the mom who want to learn how to cook:

Personalized Recipe Journal

You might have gathered recipes you’ve personally cooked at home that is restaurant worthy. Why not make an artistic version of these recipes and give it to your mom?




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