Krz of on Making Ideas Happen

Krz Lopez is a girl with big dreams in her heart! She is part of the team behind the game-changing crowdfunding site —

Here she is with the Kwaderno Pacem Journal which was shot in her trip to attend a Startup event in Singapore.


Krz shares why she is passionate about the work she does for TheSparkProject:

What I’m most passionate about TheSparkProject is the amazement I always feel knowing that there are a lot of good ideas out there which are implementable, and which, if you give them full support, can even go beyond their limits. What amazes me more is  that there are a lot more generous people who are open to these ideas and would really share their resources to make those spark projects happen.


What’s your advice for Filipinos who want to make their ideas but feel a lot of restrictions surrounding them to make it happen?

While it’s true that there [are] many uncertainties out there to make your ideas happen, one certainty you can hold on to is that there are quite a lot of people who can and will support you along the way. So, pitch your idea to as many people as you can and jump!

Check out and see how you can make YOUR idea happen!

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