Let’s keep the conversations going!

Jacinto & Lirio Impact Night 2013 from Jacinto & Lirio on Vimeo.

The Jacinto & Lirio Impact night last May 16, gave us a lot to think about! There were many interesting input from the audience as they tackled the 3 things that our whole enterprise (EcoIngenuity Inc.) is trying to solve —

The fact that our country is innately blessed with abundant indigenous materials and talented craftsmen, weavers, & bag-makers.

But despite this, there are 3 gaps:

1.Philippines still does not play a competitive role in the global design industry
2.Our indigenous materials are undermined and untapped
3.Most of our artisans / bag makers, etc are still living in poverty in the Philippines

The audience was divided to brainstorm for the 3 problems challenge areas.

Some of them we’re already working hard on! But we like what they mentioned!

* On growing the Filipino global competitive brand — a group talked about engaging our fellow Filipinos overseas since we’re everywhere! This is something we’re already trying to do, especially with the girltank campaign — reaching out to many Filipinos worldwide about social enterprises like us and the work that we’re doing! Hopefully they get to invest so we can do more good work (hope you can support! we have a few days left to raise funds for our social impact work. Click here)!

* On optimizing our indigneous materials — we loved Sir Vic’s input on the “ting-ting” material. We’d definitely take you up on that Sir, to explore the material more!

* On the sustainability of our community partners — one group mentioned the creation of a concept paper so we can strategically and effectively execute our plans towards this complex problem. We’re hoping that they can help us do this! It’s not our core competence, but we do agree it needs to happen!

I’m sure YOU have an interesting tidbit to share?

What would you like us to know so we can make a bigger, better impact?

Let’s keep the conversation flowing, as we’d like to hear from you!

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